The Province of Ragusa is in the autonomous region of Sicily, in the south east coast of the island.The main city is Ragusa. 
From Scoglitti to Pozzallo che coastline is long 85 km and there are many fishing village like Punta Secca, Marina di Ragusa and Donnalucata.
In the north of the province dominates the Hyblean Mountains and the hightst one is Monte Lauro, Monte Casale and Monte Arcibessi. The rivers in the Province of Ragusa are: Irminio, Dirirllo and Ippari and the artificial lake is “Lago di Santa Rosalia” along the course of the Irminio River.
The province is the smallest of Sicily with an area of 1.614 square kilometres and a population of 310.000 people. There are 12 Municipality in the province: Ragusa, Vittoria, Modica, Comiso, Scicli, Pozzallo, Ispica, Santa Croce Camerina, Acate, Chiaramonte Gulfi, Monterosso Almo e Giarratana.

The sea side areas in the province, has changed on the last few years, largely due to tourism, but many places in Ragusa are still untouched.
The local economy is based in tourism, industries (mostly in the area of Ragusa city and Pozzallo) and farming. The south west of the province is mostly dedicated to the intensive farming greenhouse and the local vegetables are sold from the Market of Vittoria to be exported to all over Europe.
In the area of Ragusa, Modica and Scicli, farming is at the highest level for milk and meat production.
Recently tourism have now replaced the fishing industry as a principal employment along the coast; Marina di Ragusa is an example.
The province of Ragusa does indeed show extensive signs of human activity, but there are a number of beautiful areas which continue to conserve a wealth flora, fauna and natural landscapes.
The Iblean territory may be divided into four principal areas: the coast, the plain, the hills and the mountains.
The coastline features some fascinating cliffs and sea caves, as well as long stretches of beach. The mouth of the Irminio river is astounding not only because it is home to a variety of wildlife, but also because of the costa dunes and flora, including junipers and mastic trees.
Near Acate, in the Macconi area, we can find a variety of highly fragrant whte broom known as “REtama”, which grows nowhere else in Europe.
Near Pozzallo we can observe the characteristic “Pantani” or marches, which are used as stopovers by migratory birds and are home to a variety wildlife.

A list of the main archeological sites in the Province of Ragusa:
Monte Arcibessi
Hybla Heraia
Grotta delle Trabacche
Castiglione di Ragusa 
Fontana nuova
Cava D'Ispica
  • Eastern Celebration: There are many traditional feasts and festival which take place in this area, like in Comiso with "La Pace" (Peace) where carriage-borne simulacrum of the Risen Christ and the Virgin greet each other through the day, or in Modica is Called "Vasa Vasa" (Kiss Kiss) where the Madonna travels through the town in search of her son.  In Scicli the celebration is called "Uomo Vivo" (the living man) where, after the religious celebration with the monstrance and banners, jubilant youths carry the statue of the resurrected Christ on their shoulders through the streets, lowering and raising it as the mood takes them.
  • San Giuseppe banquet (Saint Joseph) celebrations, there are typical lavish dinners, especially in Santa Croce Camerina and in Acate, where a young lady representing the Virgin and a young boy representing Jesus, are invited to partake of sumptuous "cene" (dinners).
  • Christmas is particulary felt and celebrated by locals. besides the typical elaborate "presepi" (Nativity scenes), set up both in family homes and in churches, in the past few years, "presepi viventi" (live Nativity scenes) have been set up in Monterosso Almo, giarratana, Scicli and in Cava d'Ispica, and occasionally to Ragusa and Modica.
  • "Carnevale" (Carnival) 
  • "Sagra della Salsiccia" (sausage festival)
  • "Sagra dei cavatieddi" (fresh handmade pasta shaped like little ears)
  • "Sagra del Pane" (fresh bread festival) 
  • "Sagra della crispella" (soft, doughty fritters or batters, stuffed with anchovies and ricotta and fried in oil in huge frying pans)
  • "Sagra della Seppia" (cuttlefish festival) 
  • "Sagra del pomodoro" (tomato festival).
  • Sagra del Pesce" (fish festival) 
  • "Sagra della Cipolla" (onion Festival) 
  • "Sagra dell'Uva" (grapes festival) 
  • “Fiera Emaia” (a fais) is held, with several stands displaying various items like furniture, handy crafts, items of hobbies ecc..
  • Fiera Agricola, (agriculture fair) where livestock and farming equipment are displayed and sold out.
  • "Cavalcata di San Giuseppe" (Cavalcade of S. Joseph)
  • In mid-August, in Marina di Ragusa, the feast of "S. Maria di Portosalvo" (our Lady of Portosalvo" is celebrated. A statue of the Virgin is carried in a procession at sea, followed by a large fleet of boats including fishing boats.
  • "Madonna delle Milizie", (Madonna of the militia) is celebrated in the main square of Scicli, where a legendary event is commemorated.